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L’Alogliptin (nome commerciale Vipidia) è un farmaco antidiabetico orale nella classe degli inibitori della DPP-4 (gliptine). L’Alogliptin non riduce il rischio di infarto e ictus . Come altri membri della classe delle gliptine, provoca un aumento di peso minimo o nullo, presenta un rischio relativamente basso di ipoglicemia e ha un’attività ipoglicemizzante relativamente modesta.
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Alogliptin (Nesina®) is a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor that is approved in Japan for the treatment of adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus that is inadequately controlled by diet and exercise alone or by diet plus treatment with an α-glucosidase inhibitor.
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1. Hosp Pharm. 2013 Jul;48(7):580-92. doi: 10.1310/hpj4807-580. Alogliptin. Cada DJ(1), Levien TL(2), Baker DE(3). Author information: (1)Founder and Contributing Editor, The Formulary ; (2)Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy, Drug Information Center, Washington State University, Spokane, Washington; (3)Director, Drug Information Center, and Professor of Pharmacy Practice, …
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Vipidia contains the active substance alogliptin which belongs to a group of medicines called DPP-4 inhibitors (dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors) which are “oral anti-diabetics”. It is used to lower blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is
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Development and Scale-Up of an Asymmetric Synthesis …

Alogliptin (1) benzoate is a potent, highly selective inhibitor of serine protease dipeptidyl-peptidase IV, approved by US FDA for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Herein, we report a more cost-effective process that includes ruthenium-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation followed by Hofmann rearrangement of 2-((6-chloro-3-methyl-2,4-dioxo-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-1(2H)-yl)methyl)benzonitrile …
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1. Curr Med Res Opin. 2011 Sep;27(9):1781-92. doi: 10.1185/03007995.2011.599371. Epub 2011 Aug 1. Efficacy and safety of alogliptin in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized, double-blind, dose-ranging comparison with placebo, followed by
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Alogliptin is prescribed to reduce high blood sugar level in patients with type 2 diabetes along with diet control and exercise. It should not be used in treating diabetic ketoacidosis
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Efficacy of alogliptin in type 2 diabetes treatment: a meta …

Alogliptin is a new dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP-4) inhibitor, which is under investigation for treatment of type 2 diabetes either alone or in combination with other antidiabetic drugs. The aim of this meta-analysis was to assess the efficacy and tolerability of alogliptin in
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 · PDF 檔案Alogliptin 用藥指導單張 英文發音: Alogliptin 規格,請撥沙鹿分機 [2135] 或 [2077] 通知藥局人員,應於服用含saxagliptin 或 alogliptin 成分藥品前告知您的醫療人員。 2.
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Alogliptin Published 1 September 2015, updated 10 November 2016 Alogliptin Diabetes Patent expiries Stability in dosette boxes dm+d 23638511000001100 Medicine Compliance Aid Stability Vipidia · Takeda UK Ltd Manufacturer Takeda UK Trade Name
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Nesina (alogliptin) alone or together with other diabetic medications can cause low blood sugar. Very low blood sugar may be life-threatening. Symptoms of low blood sugar include feeling shaky, being nervous or anxious, fast heartbeat, sweating or body chills, confusion, feeling sleepy, weakness or low energy, and excessive hunger.
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Wikipedia Linking – Alogliptin Google Scholar Search – Alogliptin Drug Information Portal (U.S. National Library of Medicine) – Alogliptin PubChem Compound Summary – Alogliptin Drug Bank – Alogliptin …
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Alogliptin had no effect on composite events of cardiovascular death and hospital admission for heart failure in the post hoc analysis (HR 1·00, 95% CI 0·82–1·21) and results did not differ by baseline BNP concentration. NT-pro-BNP concentrations decreased
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院內目前無此藥 若您需要此醫令的詳細內容,常見的建議劑量為每日一次,Nesina 25 mg 醫師為什麼會開此藥? 本藥可用來治療第二型糖尿病。詢問您的醫師或藥師以獲得更多相關 資訊。 此藥該如何使用? Alogliptin 是口服錠劑,則應考慮使用其他治療糖尿病的藥物。 病人應注意事項, 1. 若有心臟衰竭或腎功能不全的病史,一次一顆
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 · Alogliptin was not mutagenic or clastogenic, with and without metabolic activation, in the Ames test with S. typhimurium and E. coli or the cytogenetic assay in mouse lymphoma cells. Alogliptin was negative in the in vivo mouse micronucleus study.
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Alogliptin may therefore be administered with or without food. Volume of Distribution:417 L, indicating that the drug is well distributed into tissues. Protein Binding: 20% is bound to plasma proteins. Metabolism: Alogliptin does not undergo extensive metabolism and
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 · PDF 檔案或alogliptin 成分藥品並監測糖尿病的控制狀況。如果停藥後血糖無 法獲得良好控制


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