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1661個 LINK,50 1.4,性價比一流,137條 分類,還有這支50 1.2,放了個煙盒作對比。廢話說了這么多,Canon 50 1.8 ltm | Luei | Flickr
Canon serenar 50mm f1.8 LTM L39
Canon serenar 50mm f1.8 LTM 鏡片有清洗痕 與些許氣泡 細微入塵 反應在價格上 實拍不影響(Leica CL+C200拍攝) #ltm #canon #Leica #m口 購買 Canon serenar 50mm f1.8 LTM
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Canon SM 50mm f1.8 LTM
Canon 200mm f/1.8 L USM Canon 19.000,00 kr Latest News 50MM LEICA LENS TEST SEPTEMBER 2020 Canon SM 50mm f1.8 LTM – for Leica 1.400,00 kr Quantity Add to Cart More from this collection Canon 100mm f3.5 LTM – Leica Canon 135mm
shutter releasing: CANON SERENAR 50mm f/1.8 _ LTM. L39 mount

Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM Lens Review : AnalogCommunity

Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM is anLTM lens. LTM expands to Leica-Thread-Mount and is also known as M39 or L39. It’s used by the early pre-M Leica cameras, many of USSR rangefinders and several other companies that made LTM cameras.
FS: Canon Serenar 50/1.8 ltm w/ light yellow filter | Photography Forums
Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM M39 Screw Mount Lens
For sale isa Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM lens. Good – Obvious wear but in good working order. Excellent – Very minor signs of use. Near Mint – Like new but has been used. Mint – New
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Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens
Leica Screw Mount. -Leica Rangefinders(M39/LTM mount). Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens. – RF Converter. This lens is in INCREDIBLE condition. It has no fungus and the glass is very clean. there are, what people would call cleaning marks, which are tiny scratches on the surfaces, but I …
เลนส์เม้าท์ M39 LTM Canon 50mm 1.8 2 ตัว และ Canon 135mm 3.5

Canon LTM 50mm 1.4 vs 1.8 : AnalogCommunity

Posted by 1 day ago Canon LTM 50mm 1.4 vs 1.8 This question has been addressed a few times across a number of forums, but I’m interested in hearing some of your experiences.
[ต้องการ ขาย] == FS :: Canon LTM 50/1.8 (Serenar). 50/1.4 (Japanese Summilux)

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canon 50mm 1.8 LTM 4real/lens의 작례 2020. 9. 13. 07:54 뷰어 댓글로 이전글 다음글 공유하기 글 요소 구독하기 flow 저작자표시 비영리 변경금지 canon 50mm 1.8 ltm…
Canon 35mm f/1.8 LTM - YouTube
聖人蒙塵Canon 50mm F1.2 LTM
我有CANON LTM的50 1.8,應該就是這枚處于半故障狀態的
新鏡試影~Canon 50 1.8 ltm - 菲林機討論區 - 易攝網 - Powered by Discuz!

Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.8 LTM med adapter till L.. …

Köp online Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.8 LTM med adapter till Leica M (456771113) • Canon kameraobjektiv • Skick: Begagnad Fri Frakt • Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.8 Objektivet har lite dammkorn och några microrepor, men det är inget som syns i
The W-Nikkor 35 1.8 LTM & Canon 50 1.8 LTM lens on the Monochrom – Character galore! | Steve Huff Photo
The Japanese Summilux
The Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM first caught my attention quite by accident, whilst researching my purchase of the Leica 50mm Summilux f/1.4 Asph FLE I stumbled upon references to a lens some referred to as the Japanese Summilux . Intruigued by this
shutter releasing: CANON SERENAR 50mm f/1.8 _ LTM. L39 mount

Lens Comparison: Sony SEL 50mm f/1.8 OS vs Canon …

sony 50mm f/1.8 oss comparison to canon 50mm f/1.2 ltm Fortunately, if you are reading this review, sharpness, most likely, is not the main consideration for you (and if I\’m wrong, stop reading this post, and just buy Sony\’s lens).
Hexar RF. Canon Ltm 50/1.8. Foma 400 | Hubert Tarpon | Flickr
CANON 50mm f/1.8 III
Here, you can find out about Canon’s S Lenses > 50-85mm > CANON 50mm f/1.8 III. Marketed December 1958 Original Price 20,000 yen Lens Construction (group) 4 Lens Construction (element) 6 No. of Diaphragm Blades 9 Minimum Aperture
,瘦一點),8個 網站運行,反之NIKON就沒有那麼全面了。 日志,超級平價。還有給人炒上天的50 0.95,CANON在旁軸標頭上,4172天
My Secret Garden: Canon RF 35mm f1.8 (LTM)
canon 35 1.8 ltm
Save canon 35 1.8 ltm to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 【EXC+5】 Canon 35mm F/1.8 Leica Screw Mount LTM L39 MF Lens from JAPAN #21009
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Canon 35mm 1.8 ltm – Vintage Revolution

Zeiss 50mm Ultron 50 1.8 Zeiss Tessar 50mm 3.5 Biotar 58 f2 Zeiss Biotar 75mm 1.5 Zeiss Pancolar 80mm 1.8 Zeiss Biometar 80mm 2.8 Canon Fd Canon FL 50mm 1.4 Canon 50mm fd 1.2 L Canon 85mm fd 1.2 SSC Apherical Canon FL 135mm 3.5
The W-Nikkor 35 1.8 LTM & Canon 50 1.8 LTM lens on the Monochrom – Character galore! – Steve Huff Photo
Canon 50mm f1.2 LTM Type II
 · Canon 35mm f1.8 LTM Top Posts SLR Magic 50mm T0.95 Background: Focal length: 50mm Full Frame Aperture: T0.95 – T16 MS Optical Sonnetar 50 mm f1.1 Basic background: Japanese made Sonnar 5 elements in 4 groups Kern Paillard Macro-Yvar 150mm
Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM - Kameratori

CANON Lens 50mm F1.8 LEICA LTM L39 Mount Prime Lens 2.8…

CANON Lens 50mm F1.8 LEICA LTM L39 Mount Prime Lens 2.8/50mm for LEICA M9 M6 3G | Cameras & Photography, Lenses & Filters, Lenses | eBay! Please note that ebay takes 11% fees from your postage!! Together with paypal fees taken again on top of
Flickriver: Photoset 'Canon 50/1.8 LTM' by rattaphol
Canon 50/1.2 (LTM): 歲月如夢
50/1.2大約是生產過的135鏡頭里,1171個 TAG,下圖可見其裝在M4 上的大小,出力不少,體積最小的f1.2鏡頭了(比Canon的那款50/1.8 EF單反“痰盂頭”短一點,最后總結一下。我遇到的有緣分的鏡頭,1733篇 評論


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