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猜想,不可信的,認為(某事有可能), 認為有罪, 懷疑…有罪,可疑的,認為可能, 懷疑,認為…有嫌疑, 懷疑, 不信任,劍橋詞典

 · suspect翻譯,可疑分子, 不可靠的,危險的。
Selective Intraarterial Thrombolysis for Cardioembolic Stroke - YouTube
Secondary Stroke Prevention
 · PDF 檔案Cardioembolic CVA –Warfarin (INR 2-3) Good CrCL and poor INR control –consider Apixaban Hemorrhagic CVA If ischemic or cardioembolic transformation: treat as above If primary hemorrhage –usually due to HTN Add ASA once acute bleed
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Statin therapy in acute cardioembolic stroke with no …

Objective It is uncertain whether patients with cardioembolic stroke and without a guidance-based indication for statin therapy should be administered a statin for prevention of subsequent vascular events. This study was performed to determine whether the statin
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 · PDF 檔案Embolism of cardiac origin (cardioembolic stroke) 3. Small blood vessel occlusion (lacunar stroke) 4. Other determined cause 5. Undetermined (cryptogenic) cause (no cause identified, more than one cause, or incomplete investigation) sex, race, geographic
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Warfarin loading dose guided by pharmacogenetics is …

 · Consenting cardioembolic stroke patients were genotyped for CYP2C9 (cytochrome P450 2C9 gene) and VKORC1 (vitamin K epoxide reductase complex, subunit 1 …
Utility of Urinalysis in Discriminating Cardioembolic Stroke Mechanism | Cerebrovascular Disease | JAMA Neurology | JAMA Network
Acute cardioembolic stroke: an update
Cardioembolic infarction is the most severe ischemic stroke subtype, but some clinical characteristics of the disease are still poorly defined. An update of relevant aspects related to clinical manifestations, biological characteristics, prognostic implications and treatment is presented in this article. Topics discussed include epidemiology and risk factors, clinical features and prognosis
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The severity of cardioembolic strokes and the resulting disability are greater than with non-cardioembolic stroke. It is of great significance for the effective and safe treatment of CES. Mechanical thrombectomy, as a rising means of treatment in recent years, has been widely recognized in the treatment of ischemic stroke caused by large vessel occlusion. [26]
(PDF) MicroRNAs regulating cluster of differentiation 46 (CD46) in cardioembolic and non-cardioembolic stroke

Management of Phenobarbital and Apixaban Interaction …

 · Management of Phenobarbital and Apixaban Interaction in Recurrent Cardioembolic Stroke Show all authors Philip K. King, PharmD Philip K. King See all articles by this author Search Google Scholar for this author, Trevor A. Stump, PharmD Trevor A. Stump
(PDF) Differential MicroRibonucleic Acid Expression in Cardioembolic Stroke

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Cardioembolic stroke accounts for 1 out of every 5 to 6 ischemic strokes. A potential cardiac source should be considered in all patients presenting with ischemic neurologic deficits. A clear understanding of the various types of cardiac conditions associated with
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Cardioembolic Stroke: Dual-Energy Cardiac CT for …

Cardiac Imaging Cardioembolic Stroke: Dual-Energy Cardiac CT for Differentiation of Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus and Circulatory Stasis Jin Hur, Young Jin Kim, Hye-Jeong Lee, Ji Eun Nam, Yoo Jin Hong, Hee Yeong Kim, Ji Won Lee, Byoung Wook Choi
(PDF) Cardioembolic Stroke from an Atrial Myxoma in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Cardioembolic Stroke.
 · PURPOSE OF REVIEW Cardioembolic stroke is common and disproportionately more disabling than nonembolic mechanisms of stroke. Its incidence is expected to rise because of the age-related incidence of atrial fibrillation and an aging population. This article summarizes the different causes of cardioembolism and outlines current management guidelines. RECENT FINDINGS Since cardioembolic …
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Cardioembolic causes of stroke Cardiac embolisms are responsible for about 25% of all strokes. Atrial fibrillation is most often present, and it affects approx. 10% of all people of advanced age. It can often go unnoticed until a stroke occurs. If a patent foramen
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New Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Cardioembolic Stroke 心因性腦中風在診斷及處置上之新進展 作者: 林美淑;張念中;李聰明 LIN, MEI-SHU;CHANG, NEN-CHUNG;LEE, TSUNG-MING 貢獻者: 藥劑部 日期: 2005 上傳時間: 2009-10-21 14:51:52
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No major-risk cardioembolic source of embolism No other specific cause of stroke identified * At least one of the following non-major but suggestive risk factors for cardiac embolism: LA size >45mm (parasternal axis) spontaneous echo contrast in LAA LAA flow
(PDF) An unusual cause of cardioembolic stroke: isolated left ventricular noncompaction

Persistent or permanent atrial fibrillation is associated with severe cardioembolic …

 · PDF 檔案Cardioembolic (CE) stroke has a poor functional prog-nosis compared with other types of cerebral infarction [1, 2]. The aging of the Japanese population is accompanied by increases in the rate of atrial fibrillation (AF) and CE stroke. Regardless of the type of AF
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Massive haemorrhagic transformation in cardioembolic …

cerebrovascular diseases haemorragic transformation cardioembolic stroke intracranial dissection Haemorrhagic transformation can be a devastating complication of ischaemic stroke. Moreover, as it is the main complication of thrombolytic treatment, a clear
Lacunar ischaemic strokes of unusual aetiologies ˗ Cardioembolic stroke | Download Table

High free fatty acid level is associated with recurrent …

Objective: To determine whether the plasma level of free fatty acid (FFA) could be associated with recurrent stroke in cardioembolic (CE) stroke patients. Methods: We analyzed data from 669 acute ischemic stroke patients and examined the association between
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