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Актер У Цянь (Janice Wu). список дорам. Сортировка по году написания - DoramaTV
Beauty From Heart (2021)
Janice Wu as the kind sister Xiaoting was excellent. She encounters lots of degradation but handles them with her head held up and a maturity beyond her age and experience in work field. Edward Zhang as Lian Sheng turned out to be exactly the character I …
Janice Wu (吳倩) - MyDramaList
Fighter of the Destiny (2017)
Some were slightly caricatural (like Janice Wu, who, as I said, was adorable), but it all fit the purpose. There were few annoying(ly evil) characters, but they had minor roles which mostly only lasted a few episodes.
Ghim của Palin Lee trên Janice Wu (Có hình ảnh) | Nhà
Janice Wu
Janice Wu (Chinese: 吳倩, born September 26, 1992) is a Chinese actress. She rose to fame for portraying young Zhao Mosheng in the 2015 hit romance drama My Sunshine, and gained attention for her roles in the television series My Amazing Boyfriend …
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Janice wu
The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019) Reseñas
Yang Zhen Zhen, que ama la música, entró al trabajo de “Star Entertainment”, la principal compañía de entretenimiento de China, y se convirtió en
Skate Into Love Photos - MyDramaList | Prettiest actresses. Chinese actress. Actresses
Skate Into Love (2020)
Acting/cast: -10- Initially, I was hesitant about the main lead pairing of Janice Wu (playing Tang Xue) and Steven Zhang (playing Li Yu Bing) because I was still caught …
Актер У Цянь (Janice Wu). список дорам. Сортировка по году написания - DoramaTV
My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)
Janice Wu was excellent as quirky, naive and somewhat silly Tian Jing Zhi. I didn’t feel like she was stupid as some people felt. Weekly MyDramaList Support Goal 3% Help Support MyDramaList 73,319 Fans 18,417 Followers 161,000 Subscribers 85 edits
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Favorite Actors (391 people)
Janice Wu Chinese Zanilia Zhao Chinese Zhang Han Chinese Aaron Yan Taiwanese Song Joong Ki South Korean Song Hye Kyo South Korean Jung Yong Hwa South Korean Park Shin Hye South Korean Ji Sung South Korean Park Seo Joon South Korean
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Review Drama China My Amazing Boyfriend
Janice Wu as Tian Jing Zhi Kim Tae Hwan as Xue Ling Qiao Shen Meng Chen as Zhang Xuan Xuan Fingal Fu/Jia Fu as Li Yan Zhi Aro Yang as Feng Dong Dong/Feng Re Re Li Rise as Hong Shi Guang Lily Tien as Ms. Qiu Dai Chao as You Yu Zi/You Peng
Janice Wu Qian 吳倩 | Kecantikan orang asia. Kecantikan. Orang
Royal Highness (2018)
After Janice Wu Was Photographed with … Zhang Yujian Receives Criticism for Pretending … Chinese Paladin Reboot Confirms Huang Duoduo … Archives Archives Why Love and Redemption’s Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love YouTube Video
Wu Qian 吳倩 as Janice Wu | Nữ thần. Nhà

Дорама Самая яркая звезда в ночном небе с русской …

MyDramaList 8.2 IMDb 8.0 Дата выхода 25 марта 2019 Озвучка MixFilm закрыт MyDramaList 8.2 IMDb 8.0 Дата выхода Актеры Хуан Цзытао, У Цянь, Ню Цзюньфэн, Janice Wu, Цао Сиюэ, Дэвид Чэнь, Feng Lang, Цинь Лань, Ван Цзиньсун, Вэй
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Skate into Love [Chinese Drama] in Urdu and Hindi …

Jul 11, 2020 – Skate into Love is a Chinese Drama. If you want to watch Full Drama then Click Below to watch online or download.
Janice Wu (吳倩) - MyDramaList
[BEHIND THE SCENE] Prodigy Healer《青囊傳》Part.2
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My Amazing Boyfriend (2016) - MyDramaList

Martial Universe: Season1(2018)

Martial Universe 武動乾坤 is a 60-episode Chinese TV series adapted from Wu Dong Qian Kun, the novel by bestselling author Tian Can Tu Dou 天蠶土豆 that was published in 2011 and viewed over 32 million times months after its release. Update: The series is split
Skate Into Love Photos - MyDramaList | Skate. Chines drama. Chinese actress

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Актер У Цянь (Janice Wu). список дорам. Сортировка по году написания - DoramaTV
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Jul 21, 2020 – “Youth-sports drama #SkateIntoLove releases couple posters of #WuQian and #ZhangXincheng – premieres tomorrow, March 19! https://t.co/8TvzkGqx3w
Ghim của Rachel Walter trên WU QIAN | Dễ thương. Nữ thần
Le Coup de Foudre
Janice Wu Nominasi Referensi Pranala luar Akun resmi Le Coup de Foudre di Sina Weibo Le Coup de Foudre di Baidu Le Coup de Foudre di Douban Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 13 Juni 2020, pukul 05.22. Teks tersedia di bawah
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Ghim của Hà Phương trên Actress
Watch full episode of 35sai no Shoujo
Nov 3, 2020 – Watch full episode of 35sai no Shoujo Japanese drama | Dramacool More ideas for you


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