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RDS Decoder with 2 x 16 LCD for AT90S2313-10
Radio clock
RDS can send a clock signal with sub-second precision but with an accuracy no greater than 100 ms and with no indication of clock stratum. Not all RDS networks or stations using RDS send accurate time signals.
RDS Decoder with 2 x 16 LCD for AT90S2313-10

Introduction to FM-Stereo-RDS Modulation

 · PDF 檔案The basic clock frequency is obtained by dividing the transmitted RDS sub-carrier frequency (57 kHz) by 48. Consequently, the basic data-rate of the system is 1187.5 bits/second.
GTMEDIA D1 Portable Digital Radio DAB+ FM RDS 1.8

RDS clock time

RDS clock time RDS clock time s. → radio data system clock time English-German dictionary of Electrical Engineering and Electronics..
Sangean RCR-22 Atomic Clock with FM-RDS / AM / Aux-in Digital Tuning Clock Radio | eBay
RDS for FM Radio
Your RDS-equipped receiver picks it up and automatically resets itself even if you’ve never even looked at the clock before! And RDS is smart enough to figure out Daylight Savings Time, different time zones (an important feature for long distance truckers).
FM RDS AM Aux-in Tuning Clock Radio | Sangean | MetropolitanDecor
 · command ‘clock’ and ‘date’ branddonchau Linux – Newbie 3 03-24-2013 11:56 PM Typhoon TV/Radio Card with RDS Mark007 Linux – Software 1 09-04-2008 03:52 PM Setting system date and time affecting the clock and date on BIOS satimis Ubuntu 7 09-21 2
RDS Encoders
 · PDF 檔案43 RDS – Radio Data System A Challenge and a Solution FUJITSU TEN TECH. J. No.30(2008) A block with 26 bits consists of 16 data bits and 10 check bits (CRC = cyclic redundancy check). This code can correct 2 random errors in a block. An RDS group
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FM-RDS (RBDS) / AM / Aux-in Digital Tuning Atomic Clock Radio Compatible with iPod RCR-10 FM / AM PLL Synthesized Tuning Clock Radio with Radio Controlled Clock
2.4'' DR-103 RDS FM/ DAB/ DAB+ Portable Digital Radio USB Alarm Clock Speaker | eBay

:: RDS(Radio Data System) Radio 기본 개념

CT (Clock Time) : RDS 데이터를 통해서 1분 간격으로 시간 정보를 보내 준다. 따라서 라디오 시스템의 시간을 항상 정확하게 동기화 할 수 있다. 참고로 정밀도는 100ms 이다.
Modification du RayDees RDS decoder Decodage de l RDS par l MPX. Data-Clock.Db9 / carte sons et usb – ON3PFM – JO10WR
RDS Global
RDS joined over 70 exhibitors at the Automotive Management Live 2019 event held at the NEC, Birmingham on 7th November. The one day event saw visitors from over 500 organisations connect with a full range of suppliers to the automotive industry.
7'' HD TFT-LCD Digital Photo Frame with Slideshow Clock MP3 MP4 Movie Player with Remote Desktop | Digital photo. Photo frame
Annex WiFI RDS
Annex WI-FI RDS is a powerful scripts interpreter for the popular ESP8266 WI-FI module. The module can be managed with a dedicated WEB ID E and an associated AnnexToolKit utility suite . Annex WI-FI RDS provides the following main functionalities:
Sangean RCR-10 Black AM/FM-RDS Atomic Clock Radio With iPod Dock RCR10-BLACK
RDS/RBDS and RadioText Plus (RT+) FM Receiver
Clock extraction: To perform biphase symbol decoding, a clock matching the RDS/RBDS symbol rate of 1187.5 Hz is extracted from the 19 kHz pilot tone. Note, 1187.5 Hz x 16 = 19 kHz. To account for frequency offsets, frequency division is used to extract the
P132 RDS Encoder
RDS Decoder
It´s an simple RDS decoder based on TDA7330B RDS demodulator and AT90S2313 (obsolete part, replace with Atmel ATtiny2313) controller. The RDS data is displayed on an 2×16 character LCD. It shows program service name, RDS clock, TA flag status and scrolling 64 characters long radio text.
RayDees RDS decoder Decodage de l RDS par l MPX. Data-Clock.Db9 / carte sons et usb – ON3PFM – JO10WR
 · PDF 檔案4 Getting Started Clock settings Ñ Synchronizing the clock time with FM RDSActivate [RDS Clock Sync]. See “Radio Setup” (P.13). Ñ Adjusting the clock manually NOTE • Deactivate [RDS Clock Sync] before adjusting the clock. See “Radio Setup” (P.13).1 Press the button.
Philips AJB3552/05 DAB/FM RDS Radio Alarm Clock - YouTube
Radio-controlled clock showing incorrect time
If the clock uses both mains power and a battery, remember to switch on the mains power and allow the clock to set before inserting the battery. If this is not done, the clock may well run an hour fast or an hour slow (If the clock’s manual indicates a different procedure to this, follow that instead)
Sangean FM RDS / AM / Aux-in Tuning Clock Radio. Sangean Radio | LoftModern
Amazon RDS Database Monitoring
RDS monitoring helps maintain the availability and performance of Amazon RDS instances and other AWS solutions. RDS monitoring provides DBAs with data associated with different aspects of their AWS solutions, so they can better troubleshoot issues before they impact the performance of the database or web-based service.
Sangean Wr-22Wl Am/Fm-Rds/Bluetooth/Usb Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver (Dark

RCR-3 : FM-RDS (RBDS) / AM / Aux-in Tuning Clock …

FM-RDS (RBDS) / AM / Aux-in Tuning Clock Radio with Radio Controlled Clock Color White Features Specification Photo Gallery 360 Description 14 Memory Preset Stations (7 FM, 7 AM) Radio Controlled Clock Available from DCF / WWVB
Denver DAB-18 DAB+/FM Radio Bluetooth Clock and Alarm Function LCD Display RDS Function 2 x 2 W DAB-18 | myWorld.com

RCR-9 : FM-RDS (RBDS) / AM Digital Tuning Atomic …

FM-RDS (RBDS) / AM Digital Tuning Atomic Clock Radio Color Black Features Specification Photo Gallery 360 Description AM / FM-RBDS Stereo Digital Tuning 18 Station Presets (9 FM, 9 AM) Easy to Read LCD Display with Adjustable Backlight


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